Car Park Design


How can we assist with Car Park Design?

We can prepare a concept design to maximise the efficiency of your car park. From this your architect/designer can prepare full detailed design drawings and from these we can check that these comply with Councils DCP Clause 52.06 and Australian Standard AS2890.1-2004 & AS2890.6-2009.

We can work closely with your architect/designer to assist them to ensure compliance of the car park design.


How long will it take?

Usually we can prepare a concept drawing within 5 working days.


Why should I use Aus Wide Consulting for a Car Park Design?

We currently have highly qualified and experienced Traffic Engineers located in every state of Australia, most with 20+ years experience in the industry.


What will it cost?

Please click the "Get A Quote" button below and we will come back to you with a highly competitive quote, in most cases, in around 30 minutes.


Need further information?

Please send an email with your questions to or click the "Call Us" button below to find your local office number.