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Terms & Conditions

Why are you the only consulting company in Australia offering a 100% money back guarantee?

We have been preparing high quality Development Application focused reports for many years for clients all over Australia and we currently have a 100% successful approval rate with both Local Councils and Roads Authorities.

For this reason we are more than willing to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

How exactly does it work?

For all of our Traffic Engineering and Waste Management related reports, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

In most cases these reports are approved on first lodgement with your Local Council or Roads Authority.

Occasionally they will come back asking for further information or small amendments to be made.

We work with the Local Council or the Roads Authority to amend the report until they are satisfied and approve the report. So far, this has happened 100% of the time.

If however, after all avenues have been exhausted to approve a report, and the basis of the refusal is due to a fault of our own, we will refund you the cost of the report.

Are there any exceptions?

We exclude Town Planning as the works of our Town Planners are usually not specific reports but assistance and advice with the Development Applications themselves. This includes Statement of Environmental Effects reports as these reports are confirming that a development complies with all relevant standards. If a development does not comply we will try to justify why but this can not always be achieved.

We also exclude Acoustic Reports. Again these reports are to provide information to council, rather than a report needing assessment and therefore generally they do not need approval as such by council.

Finally, if the refusal of the report is due to a client based issue , i.e., a client was seeking approval for a 150 seat restaurant and offered no off-street parking and no on-street parking was available within the area, or a multi-unit development offered a lack of car parking or no waste storage room (for example), we would not issue a refund.

We will work with the client however to offer solutions to these above issues.

And finally…..

With all of the above being said, we have a 100% successful approval rate on all of our reports and we intend to keep this intact.

Need further information?

Please send an email with your questions to or visit the Contact page to find your local office number.