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Traffic Engineers & Assessment Planners

AusWide Consulting provide Traffic Engineering Solutions, Waste Management Plans, and TIAs right across Australia. We also provide SEEs in NSW.

Why Choose AusWide Consulting? We focus in areas of traffic engineering, traffic planning, traffic impact assessments, parking demand assessments and waste management planning . Our expert team of professionals at Auswide Consulting take pride in delivering scalable and sustainable solutions for a range of traffic and transport issues, being able to provide specialist tailored solutions based on your requirements.

Auswide Consulting Development Services Our services range from traffic engineering and planning, assessments & different reports.
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Traffic Engineering 

Our traffic engineers tackle each project with passion and creativity.


Waste management Plans

Our specialist team deliver results with professionalism and accuracy.


Traffic Impact Assessments

Accurate Data & Logical reasoning during planning.


Swept Path Diagrams

The movement of different parts of a vehicle when turning.


Environmental reports

Professional sustainability and development reports.


Acoustic Reports

Assessing noise impact from your local developments.

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Auswide Consulting has local teams based around Australia. Visit our contact page to speak to an expert near you.