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Town Planners & Planning permits

Auswide consulting have town planners able to provide planning permits for all local developments. 

Town Planners

Town Planners are professionals in developing plans and reports from their assessments of your proposed development to ensure the best outcome for approval. Town Planners work on the behalf of a developer to assess your development plan.

How can a Town Planner assist me?

Town Planners work within many facets of different developments & Auswide Consulting can help you get approvals for many different types of development plans.
As well as advising on development proposals, Town Planners work alongside local Councils in accordance with the council’s rules and regulations requirements on developments.
Once a development proposal has been assessed, Town Planners act on behalf of developer to coordinate a mix of consultants such as architects, surveyors, civil & traffic engineers, to collate their professional input.
Local Councils will ask for a range of items to be covered as part of a Development Application. It can become very daunting, especially if you have never had to apply for one before.

Our Town Planners can assist with the following:

Development Application preparation
Planning Permits
Development Plans
Planning Advice
Planning Objections

How long does a Town Planning Assessment take?

The time will vary, depending on the type of Town Planning work required. Please contact us to discuss further.

Why should I use a Town Planner via Auswide Consulting?  

Auswide Consulting currently have highly qualified and experienced Town Planners located in every state of Australia, most with 15+ years experience in the industry.

How much does a Town Planner cost?

Please click the button below and we will come back to you with a highly competitive Town Planning quote, in most cases – within 2-3 hours.