Acoustic Reports


Why do I need this report?

Local Councils will ask for different types of Acoustic Reports depending on their requirements for most Development Applications where there is a need to assess the noise impact of the development on the surrounding locality.

Such reports can be, but not be limited to:

  • Road Traffic Noise
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Rail Noise
  • Building Acoustics
  • Environmental Noise
  • Occupational Noise Exposure


How long will it take?

The Acoustic Reports vary but generally we can prepare an Acoustic Report within 5-10 working days.


Why should I use Aus Wide Consulting for an Acoustic Report?

We currently have highly qualified and experienced Acoustic Engineers located in every state of Australia, most with 20+ years experience in the industry.


What will it cost?

Please click the "Get A Quote" button below and we will come back to you with a highly competitive quote, in most cases, in around 30 minutes.


Need further information?

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