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Traffic Engineering Consultants

Traffic engineering Services Traffic Solutions & Planning

We are a team of expert Traffic Engineering consultants offering traffic solutions, planning and reports right across Australia.

Auswide Consulting creates custom Traffic Engineering solutions that best meet the needs of our clients and the wider community around vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. We assess and manage these traffic changes to benefit each community independently and are dedicated to assist you in all types of traffic engineering services.

Traffic Engineering is a field of civil engineering that uses engineering techniques to achieve the movement of people and goods on roadways safely, securely, and efficiently. This includes factors such as roadway type, riding quality, maintenance, surface, drainage, and weather scenarios. This minimises future traffic congestion and re-work while maintaining optimal traffic flow, accessibility, safety, and sustainability for the wider community.

Our technical traffic project work for local councils and private developers right across Australia means we can understand the necessity of good Traffic Engineering development along with requirements of state road controlling authorities and local governments.


Traffic Impact Assessment

With a large concern of Local Councils and road authorities being about the impact of your development on the surrounding road network, our Traffic Impact Assessments can alleviate these concerns by providing accurate data and logical reasoning as to why these traffic impacts are minimal and therefore having your development approved.

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Parking Demand Assessment

A Parking Demand Assessment or Parking Report is an assessment to analyse whether the proposed development provides adequate car parking spaces for customers, visitors, and its residents. When your development has a parking shortfall, the local council or project manager may ask you for a Parking Demand Report, Parking Survey or Parking Demand Assessment. By providing a Parking Report Assessment, and using other methods, our reports justify to the local council or required body why the shortfall will not adversely impact the parking development.

Whether your Local Council and Roads Authority is concerned about the impact of your development on the surrounding road network or a lack of parking, we can assist you with a Parking Demand Report.

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Car Park Certifications

A Council may request from the developer or project manager to submit a Car Park Certification or a Car Park Management Plan for any Car parking build where the development contains a car park that needs to be managed through traffic engineering management. When the council does not require a full parking demand assessment, a car parking survey or Car Park Certification report may still be required. This Car Park Certification report is generally assessed within a 250m radius of your car park site and a parking survey or Car Park Certification can be provided to justify the availability of on street parking surrounding your development.

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Construction Traffic Management Plans

For many residential traffic developments, the council will want to confirm your proposed stages of work, size and frequency of truck movements, site details and impact of the works on the surrounding area. We can provide you with a detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan or CTMP covering all these requirements with a 100% successful approval rate.

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Swept path diagram

Swept Path Analysis or a Swept Path Diagram, is the analysis and calculation of the required space needed when a vehicle makes a turning manoeuvre. For many developments, the council will want to confirm that the car park or driveway design meets the Australian Standards. By using the latest council accepted software AutoTURN or AutoCAD, we can confidently and accurately determine that your project complies with a Swept Path Diagram. We can test anything from a beetle to a B-Double, no project is too big or too small.

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